What an excellent tool ” R ” is !

R language is an incredible statistic tool and have been improved on going.  10 years ago when I tried to exercise data analysis privately at home,  I used excel because my PC already had installed Microsoft Office as its initial setting. On the other hand, I used proprietary tools such as MATLAB in the companies where I worked.  MATLAB was an excellent tool to analyze data but the problem was its cost to keep them.  I could not pay this cost by myself as it was expensive to me,  therefore I was forced to use excel in my personal data analysis in my home.  There was no choice except that. I wished I would have MATLAB in my PC many times before. Many experts in the financial industry have written books about programming of MATLAB. However, I could not program it by myself at home as no MATLAB environment existed there.  So I was very surprised when I saw how R worked three years ago.  It can be downloaded without any fee and has the powerful functions in it. I can program freely and store them as my functions.  I decided to start learning R.  Now that I know how excellent R is and always recommend R for anyone who are interested in statistics and data analytics.


R has advantages compared to other tools

1.  R is available without any fee.

This is the biggest advantage to proprietary tools, especially for beginners of data analytics. With R, beginners have opportunities to have experience of data analytics by a tool used by professionals.  R lowers the barrier to enter the world of data analytics.  Many people start data analytics from their curiosity,  In such case, it is very difficult to invest a lot of money to own statistical tools.  Now there is no need to worry,  just go to R-project site and download R.  It is easy and available to everyone as long as one has an access to the internet.


2.  R is an open source

R is an open source, therefore, it is transparent and you can make your program as you want. When you make excellent programs,  you can make your programs available to anyone all over the world through Rproject site. If you go to this site, you can find many kinds of programs,  which covered from economics, finance to biostatistics.  These programs are called “package” and prepared by professionals all over the world and you can look at each code if you want.  According to R-project site there are more than five thousand packages and they are still increasing. No one knows what the real total number of programs is in R.  Fortunately, most programs are available to anyone without any cost.  It is wonderful for anyone who are interested in data analytics.


3.  There is a lot of information about R on the internet.

R is a good tool for learning statistics because there are a lot of tutorials, instructions and documents on the internet. Most of them are free  so you do not have to buy books about R.  It is one of the reasons why I set up my start up for digital learning of statistical computing. I prepare the introduction course to R. If you are interested in R, you can look at this,  of course, without any fee.


I drew this chart by R. It is fun to do that.  Let’s start R now !

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