Is this a real game changer in data analysis, isn’t it ?

PC 0193

Machine learning (ML) is considered to be difficult to be implemented in practice. However, it has not been difficult anymore because new service is available from Microsoft.  This service is called “Microsoft Azure ML“. It can change the way to use Machine Learning in business.  It can be a game changer in data analysis, too.


1.  ML is integrated in the seamless processes.

ML can not be exist independently. Data should be gathered and cleaned up, models should be generated and validated correctly and results of data analysis should be shared among corporate managements and used for making better business decisions. Microsoft Azure ML realizes this ideal environment. So it is a user-friendly tool and can be fit for beginners of data analysis. It can be a strategic management tool, too.

2.  We can use R.

R is a popular language in data analysis. Microsoft Azure supports the R language. Even though there is no need to write code  by ourselves to start analyzing data,  the code for the models written in R can be seen on the screen.  It is very good because you can do fine tune to the models if you have expertise on computer languages.  In addition to that, more than 350 packages written in R are available, too.  Therefore, we do not need to write the code of  models by ourselves.  We just use these packages, which are open source in order to analyze data.  If you try to develop your own models by using R, of course  it is possible.  So Microsoft Azure ML is also good for experts of R language.

3.  The cost is dramatically decreased to start data analysis by ML.

10 years ago,  proprietary software of data mining was too expensive for individuals and start-up.  But Microsoft Azure ML can be used with “Pay as you go”. So initial cost can be decreased dramatically.  It means that  application services can be developed even by individuals with less cost.  It must be wonderful for entrepreneurs who try to make the world better by data analysis.  I want to do that.


This service has just started as preview and only available in the US south central so far.  Whenever it is available in Asia, I would like to try this service.  When I write this blog,  I heard the news, which says Apple and IBM team up to expand cloud services in corporate business.  Therefore, this kind of services about data analysis based on the cloud may be released from competitors of Microsoft in the future.  It must be good for us as we can choose the ML services based on our needs.  In the near future,  I am sure ML dominates the digital services for customers to choose good products and services.  Let us start now!

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