NASDAQ Global Index Family now available to everyone for free !


Is this also a game changer ? I think it is!  Quandl, which is a data gathering platform, announced that indexes data from NASDAQ OMX are provided and users can download and use them for data analysis without paying any fees.  These indexes are called ” The Global Index Family “. According to the website of Quandl, “The Global Index Family is comprehensive: it covers international securities segmented by geography, sector, and size. NASDAQ OMX’s transparent and rules-based selection method results in a complete representation of the global investable equity marketplace. The indexes cover 45 individual countries within Developed and Emerging Markets, and facilitate a multitude of tracking, trading, and investing opportunities.” This is amazing. When I worked in investment banks before,  each division of the banks has Bloomberg terminals.  However, I could not have it by myself because it was too expensive to me. Now 40,000 indexes are available for me through Quadl.   Then what can we do with it?


1.  Research by region

We can analyze markets by country.  For example, there are more than 400 indexes about Malaysia.  These indexes are enough to analyze the market in Malaysia. Before the Global Index Family is available, it is difficult to do that as only a small number of indexes were available for me.  These indexes cover 45 countries so far. It means that we can cover major economic power globally.  It is fantastic!


2. Research by sector

If you are interested in relationship market behaviors and the real economy,  indexes by sectors are very useful.  When the price of energy goes up,   each sector must have different behavior.  How about interest rate appreciation?  What if geopolitical issues happen?  When you would like to know what happened in the market at the time of major events in the economy,  you can analyze data by sector with Quadl now.


3. Research by size

If you are in the management of SME.  You may be interested in the behavior of small-size listed companies in equity markets. It is possible to analyze that because the Global Index Family includes mid cap and small cap indexes. I would like to analyze markets based on the index data by size.


The Global Index Family is comprehensive. So once I am familiar with that,  it is easy to handle the data around the globe. In addition to that,  combination between these indexes and other economic data enable me to produce new research and analysis with different angles, which has been impossible for me before these indexes are available. It must be exciting!  It should be noted that all indexes in Quandl can be downloaded directly into the major data analysis tools such as  Python, R  and MATLAB, etc. For example, if you want to download data of Nikkei 225 into R,  You just type command like ” Quandl(“NIKKEI/INDEX”, trim_start=”1955-01-17″, trim_end=”2015-06-21″, collapse=”monthly”) “.  Then data you want are downloaded into your R . It is simple and easy to obtain data in order to analyze it in statistical tools.  Why don’t you start data analysis with Quandl ? 


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