How about a recommender system for yourself? Computers know you better than you do!?


Since the beginning of September, I have been considering recommender systems intensively.  Now I realize that recommender systems may know you better than you do because recommender systems can memorize your behavior, such as shopping, touring and learning as many as possible.  It is more than your memory in your brain as human being forget their memory as time passes.  The more data computers have, the more accurate the recommendations are. Now that more and more people have their own devices, such as smart phones/tablets, and use them everyday in their lives. It means that data on our personal behaviors is accumulated in computers every second, even though we do not realize that.  In the future, personal devices may provide us recommendations for every choice in our lives. What are the advantages and disadvantages of  recommendations in the future? Let me think about it for a while.



You can easily obtain what you want based on the recommendations. It may be something you cannot imagine even though computers know that for you.  When I go shopping to huge department stores, I sometimes get tired in finding what I want because there are too many goods in the department stores. In such cases, the recommendation is definitely a powerful tool if it is accurate. Information about products and services can be gathered from all over the world so recommendations may be about products from foreign countries. When a new kind of bread is introduced and appears in a bakery, computers analyze the factors of this bread, such as taste, price, appearance and calculate the metrics to provide recommendations for you. I would like to have this recommendation as I love breads as breakfast.



You may loss the opportunities to realize new taste and preference of yourself because computers can calculate your preference very accurately. When recommendations by computer never miss your expectations, you may feel no need to go outside recommendations.  It means that there is no challenge to go outside of your past behavior. If you like Japanese food, computers may provide you recommendations of Japanese food only. So you eat only Japanese food, never try other kind of foods.  But I think human being needs to go to outside it to create innovations and adventures in their lives. If that is the case, I may input random numbers into my personal device so that recommendations have some noises from my past behavior. I need a little challenge against my past behaviors as it makes my life more interesting, even if I do not know whether it works or not.


I imagine that, in 2040 each personal device such as a smart phone, a smart watch can hold massive data and carry calculation power in it.  So it may calculate your preference far better than you think.  In the morning,  you may find your most favorite bread, which you want to eat at breakfast,  on the dining table before you think about it.  This will be based on recommendations by your smart phone. It may know everything about you. It may be perfect. Is it wonderful, isn’t it?


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