These are small Christmas presents for you. Thanks for your support this year!


I started the group of “big data and digital economy” in Linked in on 15th April this year. Now the participants are over 300 people!  This is beyond my initial expectation. So I would like to appreciate all of you for your support.

I prepare several small Chirstmas presents here. If you are interested in, please let me know. I will do my best!


1. Your theme of my weekly letter

As you know, I write the weekly letter “big data and digital economy” every week and publish it in Linkedin. If you are interested in specific themes,  I would like to research and write them as long as I can. Anything is OK if it is about digital economy.  Please let me know!


2.  Applications of data analysis in 2016

In 2016,  I would like to develop my applications using data analysis and make them public through the internet.  As long as data is “public”,  we can do any analysis on the data. Therefore,  if you would like to look at your own analysis based on public data,  could you let me know what you are interested in?    These are examples of applications provided by “shiny”,  very famous tool among data scientists.


3.   Announcement on the  project of R-programming platform

This is a project of my company in 2016.  To support for business personnel to learn R-programming,  I would like to set up the platform where participants can learn R-programming interactively with ease.  Contents are very important in order for participants to keep learning motivations. When you have specific themes which you want to learn,  could you let me know?  These themes may be included as programs in the platform going forward!    This is an introductory video of the platform.


Thanks for your support in 2015 and let us enjoy predictive analytics in 2016!

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