Will the age of “Brain as a Service” come to us in near future?


15 March 2016,  I found two things which may change the world in the future,  The former, artificial intelligence Go player “AlphaGo” and the latter is an automated marketing system “Google Analytics 360 Suite“. Both of them came from Google. Let me explain why I think the age of “Brain as a service” is coming  based on these two innovations.

1. AlphaGo

You may know what AlphaGo achieved on 15 March 2016.  At  Google DeepMind Challenge, where artificial intelligence Go player had five games against a top professional Go player. It beats Lee sedol, who is one of the strongest Go player in the world, 4 to 1.  Go is one of the oldest games, which are mainly played in China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. At the beginning of the challenge, few people thought AlphaGo could win the games as it is always said that  Go is so complex that computers can not win professional Go players at least in 10 years. The result was, however, completely opposite. Therefore,  other professional Go players, artificial intelligence researchers and even people who do not play Go must be upset to hear the news. AlfaGo is strengthened by algorithms, which are called “deep learning” and “reinforcement learning“. It can learn the massive amount of Go patterns created by human being for a long time.  Therefore, we need not to program specifically, one by one as computers can learn by themselves. It looks like our brains. We are born without any knowledge and start learning many things as we grow.  Finally, we can be sophisticated enough to be “adult”. Yes, we can see “AlphaGo” as a brain.  It can learn by itself at an astonishing speed as it does not need to rest.  It is highly likely that Google will use this brain to improve many products in it in the future.


2. Google Analytics 360 Suite

Data is a king.  But it is very difficult to feed them into computers effectively.  Some data are stored in servers. Others are stored in local PCs. No one knows how we can well-organize data effectively to obtain the insights from data.  Google is strong for consumer use.  G-mails, Android and google search are initially very popular among consumers. But the situations are gradually changing.  Data and algorithms have no-boarders between consumers and enterprises. So it is natural for Google to try to obtain enterprise market more and more. One of the examples is  “Google analytics 360 Suites”. Although I never tried it yet, this is very interesting for me because it can work as a perfect interface to customers. Customers may request many things, ask questions and make complains to your services. It is very difficult to gather these data effectively when systems are not united seamlessly. But with “Google analytics 360 Suites”,  data of customers could be tracked in a timely manner effectively.  For example, the data from Google analytics 360 may be going to Google Audience Center 360,  which is a data management platform (DMP).  It means that the data is available to any analyses that marketers want.  “Google Audience Center 360” can collect data from other sources or third party data providers. It means that many kind of data could be ready to be fed into computers effectively.


3. Data is gasoline for “Artificial intelligence”

AlfaGo can be considered as “Artificial intelligence”. “Artificial intelligence” is like our brain.  There is no knowledge in it initially.  It has only structures to learn.  In order to be “intelligent”, it should learn a lot from data. It means that massive amount data should be fed into computers. Without data, “artificial intelligence” can do nothing. Now data management like “Google Audience Center 360” is in progress. It seems that data are getting well organized to be fed into computers.  The centralized data management system can collect data automatically from many systems. It becomes easier to feed massive amounts of data into computers. It enables to computers learn the massive amount of data. These things must be a trigger to change the landscape of our business, societies and lives. Because suddenly computers can be sophisticated enough to work just like our brain.  AlphaGo teaches us that it may happen when a few people think so. Yes, this is why I think that the age of “Brain as a Service” will come in near future.  How do you think of that?



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