This is our new platform provided by Google. It is amazing as it is so accurate!


In Deep learning project for digital marketing,  we need superior tools to perform data analysis and deep learning.  I have watched “TensorFlow“, which is an open source software provided by Google since it was published on Nov 2015.   According to one of the latest surveys by  KDnuggets, “TensorFlow” is the top ranked tool for deep learning (H2O, which our company uses as main AI engine, is also getting popular)(1).

I try to perform an image recognition task with TensorFlow and ensure how it works. These are results of my experiment. MNIST, which is hand written digits from 0 to 9, is used for the experiment. I choose convolutional network to perform it.  How can TensorFlow can classify them correctly?


I set the program of TensorFlow in jupyter like this. This comes from tutorials of TensorFlow.

MNIST 0.81


This is the result . It is obtained after 80-minute training. My machine is MAC air 11 (1.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB memory)

MNIST 0.81 3

Could you see the accuracy rate?  Accuracy rate is 0.9929. So error rate is just 0.71%!  It is amazing!

MNIST 0.81 2r

Based on my experiment, TensorFlow is an awesome tool for deep learning.  I found that many other algorithms, such as LSTM and Reinforcement learning, are available in TensorFlow. The more algorithms we have,  the more flexible our strategy for solutions of digital marketing can be.


We obtain this awesome tool to perform deep learning. From now we can analyze many data with TensorFlow.  I will provide good insights from data in the project to promote digital marketing. As I said before “TensorFlow” is open source software. It is free to use in our businesses.  No fees is required to pay. This is a big advantage for us!

I can not say TensorFlow is a tool for beginners as it is a computer language for deep leaning. (H2O can be operated without programming by GUI). If you are familiar with Python or similar languages, It is for you!  You can download and use it without paying any fees. So you can try it by yourself. This is my strong recommendation!


TensorFlow: Large-scale machine learning on heterogeneous systems

1 : R, Python Duel As Top Analytics, Data Science software – KDnuggets 2016 Software Poll Results



Notice: TOSHI STATS SDN. BHD. and I do not accept any responsibility or liability for loss or damage occasioned to any person or property through using materials, instructions, methods, algorithm or ideas contained herein, or acting or refraining from acting as a result of such use. TOSHI STATS SDN. BHD. and I expressly disclaim all implied warranties, including merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. There will be no duty on TOSHI STATS SDN. BHD. and me to correct any errors or defects in the codes and the software.


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