Car detection 20170618

Last week, Google released an awesome tool for anyone who is interested in computer vision and deep learning. It is called “Tensorflow Object Detection API“.  There are many pre-trained models on it so we can perform computer vision tasks, such as classification and segmentation without waiting for a long time to complete. The images above is obtained in my Mac Air 11 according to tutorials here. It looks awesome. It does not take too much time to calculate as the pre-trained model is available in the API.

I would like to explain why Object Detection API is awesome

1. It has major classification models.



2. It enables us to  combine classification models with object detections framework







Car detection 20170617

3. It can be run locally and Google Cloud Platform


I try one of them to the images I have. It looks good. This can be our framework for experiments as there are many pre-trained models in it. I will go deeper for a while.

Cheers Toshi




This is one of the greatest tools I have ever seen. Thanks Google!

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