Can computers write sentences of docs to support you in the future?


This is amazing!  It is one of the most incredible applications for me this year!  I am very excited about that.  Let me share with you as you can use it,  too.

This is “Smart Reply of Inbox”, an e-mail application from Google.  It was announced on 3rd November. I try it today.

For example, I got e-mail from Hiro. He asked me to have a lunch tomorrow. In the screen, three candidates of my answer appear automatically.  1. Yes, what time?  2. Yes, what’s up  3. No, sorry.  These candidates  are created after computers understand what Hiro said in the e-mail. So each of them is very natural for me.


So all I have to do is just to choose the first candidate and send it to Hiro.  It is easy!


According to Google, state of the art technology “Long short term memory” is used in this application.

I always wonder how computers understand the meaning of words and sentences.  In this application, sentences are represented in fixed sized vectors. It means that each sentence is converted to sequences of numbers.  If two sentences have the same meaning,  the vector of each sentence should be similar to each other even though the original sentences look different.


This technology is one of the machine learning. Therefore,  the more people use it, the more sophisticated it can be because it can learn by itself.  Now it applies to relatively short sentences like e-mail. But I am sure it will be applied to longer sentences, such as official documents in business.  I wonder when it happens in the future.  Pro. Geoffrey Hinton is expected to research this area with intense.  If it happens, computers will be able to understand what documents mean and create some sentences based on their understanding.  I do not know how Industires are changed when it happens.

This kind of technology is sometimes referred as “Natural language processing” or “NLP”.   I want to focus on this area as a main research topic of my company in 2016.  Some progresses will be shared through my weekly letter here.


I would like to recommend you to try Smart Reply of Inbox and enjoy it!  Let me know your impressions. Cheers!




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