Mobile and Machine learning can be good friends in 2015 !



Number of mobile devices will be increasing drastically in the emerging markets in 2015. One of the biggest reason why it is increasing is that good smart phones are affordable because of competitions among the suppliers such as Google, Samsun and Xiaomi.  It is good for people in the emerging countries because a lot of people can have their own personal devices and enjoy the same internet life as people in developed countries do. I hope everyone all over the world will be able to be connected to the internet in near future.

Not only the number of mobile devices but the quality of its services will be changed dramatically in 2015 because machine learning will be available for commercial purpose. Let us consider this change more details. The key idea behind this is “Shift from judgement by ourselves to judgement by machines”.


1.  Machine Learning

Machine Learning has a power to change every industry. With machine learning,  computers can identify certain objects in images and video,  understand conversations with us and read the documents written in natural languages.  It means that most of information around us can be interpreted by computers.  Not only numerical data but also other kinds of information are understood by computers.  This changes landscape of every industry completely.  Computers can make business decisions and all we have to do is just to monitor it.  It already happened in the field of assessing credit worthiness of the customers  in banks many years ago.  Same things will happen in all industries near future.


2. Data

In emerging markets, more and more mobile phones will be sold so that every person might own his or her device in near future. It means that people all over the world will be connected through the internet and more information are collected in real-time basis.  In addition to that a lot of automobiles, homes and parts are also connected through the internet and send the information in real-time basis, too.  Therefore we can realize when and where they are and what condition of each is in real-time basis.  So maintenance for parts will be done as soon as it is needed and optimizations of resources used by people can be achieved as we can get such information in real-time basis.


3. Output

Output from computers will be sent to mobile devices of each responsible personnel  in real-time basis. So there is no need to stay in office during working-time as we can be notified wherever we are. It raises productivity of our jobs a lot. No need to wait for notifications of outputs from computers in office anymore.


Yes, my company is highly interested in the progress of machine learning for the commercial purpose. I would like to watch it closely.  I also would like to develop new services based on machine learning on mobile devices going forward.