It is an awesome course to start learning digital marketing in 2016!

bake-1058862_640Happy new year!  This is the first article in 2016. So I would like to recommend a course to everyone who wants to learn digital marketing.

Social Media in Public Relations“is provided by Dr.Tracy Loh, Visiting Fellow Department of Communications and New Media in National University of Singapore through Coursera, one of the biggest mooc platforms.

This is good as a starting point to learn digital marketing in a theoretical manner.  I would like to introduce several interesting points from the course as they are useful and beneficial for business personnel who are interested in marketing and public relations.   These points come from week 3 ” Content Creation and Management” in the course.


1. Levels of content

There are many contents in social media so I would like to classify them effectively.   Dr.Tracy Loh provides us levels of content based on its value as follows.

Filler : information that is copied from other sources

Basic content  : original content, but relatively simple

Authority building content : Original contents that position the organization as an authority in a particular area of relevance to the organization

Pillar content : Educational content that readers use over time, save and share with others.

Flagship  : Seminal works that set the tone on an issue and which people refer back to time to come

I think this classification is very useful when we consider a portfolio of our contents  in terms of strategies of marketing and public relations. We can analyze our own content-portfolio based on levels of content. My article may be classified as “Authority building content”.  I would like to write the contents of “Flagship” in future, even though it is very difficult. Yes, you can challenge “Flagship”, too.  It should be noted that these contents should be used to reach our goals of marketing and public relation as a whole.


2. Social currency

To create viral contents, it is important that the contents have “social currency.”   Dr. Tracy Loh explains that “social currency” can be found in content that contain a level of “inner remarkability”.  For example,  when you share the new information that is not shared in your circle yet,  your social currency is increasing.  It is one of three aspects of  “social currency”. Others are explained in the course.


3. Trigger

“Trigger” is important to make content viral as daily life events can be associated with certain products.  These two examples are famous because everyone knows they are associated with daily life-events. Let us see these short videos.

Have a break, have a Kit Kat

What time is it?   It’s Tiger Time

Dr.Tracy Loh introduces this phrase  “Social currency gets people talking, but triggers keep them talking. Top of mind means tip of tongue.” (Jonah Berger, 2013)



I think we can apply these points above to our marketing strategies effectively.  Because they are theory-driven, but not so complicated.  It is easy to get some insights based on the points I referred.

I mentioned just a part of the course for the purpose of introduction. This course has many interesting topics and provides us knowledge of social media. It is free to just see the course. When you need the certification of the course,  some cost is needed to pay. I would like to recommend for you to overview the course first, and if you like it,  you can upgrade the course with the certification when it is available.  Let us enjoy this course in 2016!