Is this a real voice by human being? It is amazing as generated by computers


As I shared the article this week,  I found the exciting system to generate voices by computers. When I heard the voice I was very surprised as it sounds so real. I recommend you to listen to them in the website here.  There are versions of English and Mandarine. This is created by DeepMind, which is one of the best research arms of artificial intelligence in the world. What makes it happen?   Let us see it now.


1. Computers learns our voices deeper and deeper

According to the explanation of DeepMind, they use “WaveNet, a deep neural network for generating raw audio waveforms”.  They also explain”pixel RNN and pixel CNN”, which are invented by them earlier this year. (They have got one of best paper award at ICML 2016, which are one of the biggest international conference about machine learning, based on the research). By applying pixel RNN and CNN to voice generation, computers can learn wave of voices far more details than previous methods. It enables computers generate more natural voices. It is how WaveNet is born this time.

As the result of learning raw audio waveforms, computer can generate voices that sound so real. Could you see the metrics below?  The score of WaveNet is not so different from the score of Human Speech (1). It is amazing!


2. Computers can generate man’s voice as well as woman’s voice at the same time

As computer can learn wave of our voices more details,  they can create both man’s voice and woman’s voice. You can also listen to each of them in the web. DeepMind says “Similarly, we could provide additional inputs to the model, such as emotions or accents”(2) . I would like to listen them, too!


3. Computers can generate not only voice but also music!

In addition to that,  WaveNet can create music, too.  I listen to the piano music by WaveNet and I like it very much as it sounds so real. You can try it in the web, too.  When we consider music and voice as just data of audio waveforms, it is natural that WaveNets can generate not only voices but also music.


If we can use WaveNet in digital marketing, it must be awesome! Every promotions, instructions and guidance to customers can be done by voice of  WaveNet!  Customers may not recognize “it is the voice by computers”.  Background music could be optimized to each customer by WaveNet, too!  In my view, this algorithm could be applied to many other problems such as detections of cyber security attack, anomaly detections of vibrations of engines, analysis of earthquake as long as data can form  of “wave”.  I want to try many things by myself!

Could you listen the voice by WaveNet? I believe that in near future, computers could learn how I speech and generate my voice just as I say.  It must be exciting!



1,2.  WaveNet:A generative model for Raw Audio



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