What will the food delivery service be in 2025? Let us imagine now!


This week’s topic is about food delivery service in the future.  Syikin,  one of the readers of my articles,  requests me to write this. So I would like to go to Kuala Lumpur in 2025,  10  years later from now.  Let us imagine what happens there!


Now we are in 2025. I am working in the office at KLCC.  While everything is changed from 10 years ago, twin tower still remains the same.  At lunch time, I always use the service of food delivery called “something to eat”.   It is a start-up business out there that does research and invents smart food delivery service. I like this service very much.  I use it 3 or 4 times a week because it is convenient and reasonable.  On 11:00AM everyday,  the recommendation of menus for lunch is sent to my mobile phone.  This is not just a picture of dishes. This is 3D virtual reality and can be projected on my desk. These dishes look so real!  It must be good for their sales, too. Their recommendations are completely personalized for me. The service has a historical data about orders from me in the past. So it understands my preference of taste, ingredients, cost sensitivity, perfectly.  I can order dishes by just saying ” I want Japanese potato salad, Chinese fried rice and coke” because computers can understand English conversations just like us. There is no need to use buttons on the screen of a smart phone anymore.  Payment is made by digital currency automatically. Food and dishes are delivered by self-driving cars in the city.  There is less traffic jam recently because traffic can be control by computers so they can deliver efficiently and just in time.  I do not worry about my lunch at all. Just enjoy it!


This service is a 24 hour operation so I can order anytime I want. It is very good when I have a night shift work. I am wondering who works at midnight in the kitchen to serve dishes.  I ask public relation personnel for this service about that.  She said “There are automated factories to cook dishes. There is no human operation. Our chef robots are so intelligent that they can cook many dishes.  Each robot has artificial intelligence in it. “.   It sounds like automobile factories in 2015.  In addition to that, many vegetables are also brought up at the factories, too.  So there is no worry about procurements of vegetables even though we have massive natural disasters such as flood, drought and typhoon or cyclone, which cause diminish of supply of vegetables.


One of my favorite services is about the nutrition report.  This report is prepared and sent to me at the end of the month.  It tells me what I ate, how many calories there are in my dishes and what kind of nutrition is needed to keep healthy.  It is good to monitor my daily meals so that I can live a healthy life.  Actually, I like sweet things very much so there are sometimes warnings about over-calories. Yeah, I should control it despite its temptation is very strong!


I have heard that their predictions of sales of each dish are very accurate because the company developed the state of the art statistical models by itself.  It enables them to have less waste because it can control inventories based on the predictions of sales. It is good not only financial conditions of the company, but the environment in society.


Recently,  the Japanese government announced that it will introduce basic income to support poor people in 2026  The Japanese economy has been shrinking for a long time and poor people are increasing rapidly.  Some households can not sustain the basic meals every day as they are unemployed.  By introducing a basic income,  they can obtain basic meals everyday.  Food delivery service “something to eat” supports Japanese government to establish meal stations all over Japan.  Because “something to eat” has superior technologies about cooking, serving and predictions of sales. The service can provide basic meals with less cost.  Japanese government expects it works very well.  Especially households with single parent need this support urgently.



This story is a fiction based on my imagination. So I am not so sure it happens in this way. But  I am sure the more data are obtained, the more personalized and more efficient services are.   Robots with artificial intelligence start working in service industries. In 10 years from now, they must be far more intelligent than they are now.  I would like to go to “something to eat” in 2025!




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